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If you do, thank you, I love you, and please continue being the wonderful person you are. (◡‿◡✿)

So it’s been about a week since I’ve gotten my braces! They were super painful for one day- I literally could not eat anything but porridge and mashed potatoes. However, I’m ignoring my dental assistant friend and eating cheetos and crunchy things. 

School hasn’t been very good the past few weeks. I’ve been getting pretty moderate grades (B’s) up till this week. I think I now know how to juggle things. I have to completely change my mentality towards school and schoolwork. Work work work. 

I think that the difference between how the teachers teach here and how some teach in SG is the fact that we go very very slowly compared to the accelerated path that I am used to (if you can keep up with it, great for you- I envy you). I like this “slowness” because we through everything very very thoroughly and I can understand a lot of things. 

I may not be on the Geometry express at full speed or have math skills up to par with the rest of my Singaporean friends but I’m glad that I am taking things slowly. 

Spanish is very fun (I have a 99 in that class). Weakest subject right now is Geography- I have an 84 (that’s a B). Geography is so difficult, and I actually really hate it. We have to read “Why Geography Matters- More Than Ever” by Harm De Blij and it is so boring I’d rather watch paint dry. It is difficult to analyze. I have a test on one of the chapters tomorrow. It talks about how knowledge, esp spatial knowledge, is power, and how illiterate we are when it comes to geography. 

Best things that happened this week: My Theatre group won the drawing challenge (yay)!My biology group won the Biology debate (YAY)! My biology group was the Golgi Apparatus! We argued that we were the most important because we processed and packaged protein and lipid, and protein is important because it holds DNA together and lipid is important because a lot of things that work in the cell are made of lipid.

For Design Theory in theatre, we had to listen to a piece of music and construct a set for a ballet company in a black-painted shoe box. The music is from Alice in Wonderland and is super creepy. It’s a lot of fun though!

Acting and movement classes are sooo boring. (We did the pestilential prison with a lifelong lock exercise+ a lot of other weird things). Musical Theatre and Design are the best! I am so bad at tap dancing ): I really miss doing hiphop.



Freaking out

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I have some weird overcrowding going on with my molars (what up with that). School was so fun this week I felt like my level 1 theatre mates and I really bonded! Everyone is so funny seriously.

and OMG it’s TERRIBLE when teachers leave us alone because everyone wants to be the boss/leader and thinks get so out of hand!

In musical theatre, we’re singing “bring him home” from les mis and I am sooo bad at musical theory ): + I have tap and jazz routines to practice (not cool).

Today I had a test on dance?? but on paper, and they asked me what “degage” was and i’m pretty sure I got it right (i said disengage)

but yeah I’m so stressed out!!! There is seriously so much work to do! Been practicing songs for my Drowsy audition! + I just got my sides yesterday. ( uhm, my musical theatre teacher used to go running with sutton foster?? idk who she is but apparently shes really good).

Everyone at PVA is so talented, like I can actually see so many of them making it big. I think the teachers do a really great job. They’re making sure everyone gets paved a good path! 

WISH ME LUCK ): i have to “BRACE” myself (agagaggaadfhahahahaha) 

2nd Week of school!

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I am so excited and overwhelmed and TIRED and PUMPED. Ok so for people who wanna know what HSPVA is about :

In the Theatre department, we have to sing, dance, act and design. For musical theatre, we have to learn music theory and sing harmonies and things like that. We also have to do tap and jazz + ballet ! Before we dance ( at least once a week) we warm up by running laps around the school in our leotards and tights! Very exhausting but super duper fun. In design theory, we get to customize sets and costumes and get super creative! We have to record our practices, write analyses on plays or theatre concepts and we also work a lot on movement – this is ONLY THEATRE!
English is the most relaxed, I feel. We mostly read and discuss things, which I absolutely love. I’m taking Spanish now! It’s very …. new? It’s still interesting. In biology, we get a mini quiz nearly every week. Math is OK, but we have a LOT of homework! My parents have signed my bro and I up for Chinese tuition in the community centre! My teacher there is kind of crazy hahaha but it’s okay. 


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So I was at McDonalds this morning and almost forgot that they don’t serve milo in the U.S. ( I wanted to cry – milo is so great )

I realized that living in Singapore has always been a thing I’ve taken for granted! We get the best of both worlds (the U.S. & the U.K.) ! We get shops (f21,cotton on,h&m), candy bars ( I miss mars bars) , MILO, fast food chains, etc and a lot of other things. 

I cannot express how GLAD I am that I am bilingual! It is such a “wow” factor here in Houston! When I say I’m fluent in both English and Chinese people are always impressed (so stick to your Chinese peeps) and I’m actually really grateful for my education!

Maybe because I guess I’ve always had “liberal” (so-to-speak) parents who always encouraged me to pursue anything I was interested in and told me to question EVERYTHING ( I think they’re realizing it was a mistake now). 

I remember since I was 6/7 that whenever we were driving somewhere my dad would always ask me about the latest book/movie I’ve read/seen and made me summarize it for him. I always thought ” UGHHH ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY” but now I am so glad that he did that ! I think it helped me a lot in ARC. 

Wow, if you’re actually reading this much, I like you a lot, thank you for reading this. I feel so out of touch with everything right now. 

Anyway, I am making a purchase of tan character tap shoes for my in-school tap classes. “Avenue Q” is being done by my school (they’re renting puppets from NY!) and ” The Drowsy Chaperone” is the all school musical. It is compulsory for me to audition (not that I mind). 



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school is super duper fun but i have sooo much homework! ahhh. my geography teacher says he stays up at night thinking of new ways to embarrass his students (i am sooo studying for his tests). gonna be really busy but im also really excited! i have to buy character shoes (the ones w heels) for tap !! like they have to have the tap thing at the bottom. anyway, im super busy rn but i guess thats the life of an arts student ???? i gotta keep reminding myself to stop stressing

First day of school TOMORROW!

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I’m so nervous! :O But also excited! I wanna keep it real by speaking in my “normal accent”.

Oh yeah! I never really thought I had an accent! I had a British teacher in P4 ( I got 96/100 in English that year THANK U MS RABOT) and she was sooo super good at English, and I guess I never really spoke Singlish until I attented primary school! My mom said I used to speak perfect English until I went to CHIJ hahahahaha which is so ironic because IJ girls are supposed to be well-spoken and well-behaved (they are tho).

Ya I dont know :/ I only speak in an American accent sometimes so people can understand me. People think I’m British? And I don’t think how many times I’ve explained that Singapore is NOT IN CHINA and was a British colony. I remember I said “dustbin”, “trolley”, “canteen” and “air conditioning” and people got SO CONFUSED. They were like, did you really just say __________ ??

(Personally I think I’m just preparing them for all of the interesting cultures they will be exposed to in college hahaha)

Okay! So I have a senior buddy in my school (she’s also in theatre). She seems really nice, she wrote me a letter.

I have a bottom locker. WHYYYYY DOES MY LIFE HAVE TO SUCK SO MUCH. Seriously. Why do bottom lockers exist, really, what is their purpose. Nobody likes bottom lockers.

My class schedule:


Advocacy is really just another period of Theatre.

I also found out that the co-founder of WordPress went to my school! Cool.

My geography teacher is taking a few students to Italy next year ( I WANNA GO TO POMPEII ) so I have to see how things go. If they go to China then I’ll wanna go too hahaha.

OMG I’M SERIOUSLY SO NERVOUS! I want to join the school newspaper / student committee and become student body president during my senior year (it’s impressive!!).


These are my jazz shoes! They feel so comfy! I’m actually really looking forward to tap/jazz even thought I am honestly so bad at the both of them.

Also- what the frickle frackle? Why are things for dancers so expensive

I bought about 10 notebooks because I want to take exceptional notes and do very VERY well!

Well I hope it will be fun.

Great 8!

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WOWOWOW where do I begin? This is so slow but I feel the need to blog about it!

So I arrived at my school, checked in and ahhh I was so nervous cause you know, it was my first dance! I wanted it to be amazing! So we went into the cafeteria, and the whole place was decked out! It was taped head to toe in black, with a huge disco ball and a DJ and everything with lights and it was so awesome. We danced and partied and it was really fun (: There was a station outside with drinks and some tit-bits! Some awkward waist-hand dancing ensued with some guys but it was OK- all part of the experience right? hahahaha.


Anyway my mom got me these GORGEOUS earrings, they were SO LONG (at least 5 cm) and shimmery and silver! My dress is from A|X and shoes from Nine West (i think).

ImageLeft to right : Amy, Alex, Me, Justus, Maya

I was dancing and partying like crazy tho (4 hours straight)- we had a great DJ.

Afterward we went to hang out at 59 diner, a cute diner (hahaaa), and in the end about 100 kids from my school ended up there (??wow). This girl who I didn’t even know got her dad to pay for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Which was cray and really really nice.



Overall, not gonna lie but I felt amazing cause of my makeup and dress and I felt super confident and happy like I could run for president or something, you know?! like the rush. AHAHAHA. had a great time (:

( the yellow ring thing around my neck was a glowstick- we had to wear them on the dancefloor cause it was so dark)

p.s. I have also deduced that I will probably become a crazy party girl