Thanksgiving Break

26/11/2013 § Leave a comment

Wow, I haven’t updated in a long time. I’ve honestly just been so busy. I feel like my instagram hardly gets updated anymore. School is great, but tiring.

Theatre is actually the best. Let me explain what we have been doing for the past 4 months. We were learning (and still are) what acting really is. We choose an activity with a standard of perfection, something that we can complete- like a 1000 piece puzzle. We are then partnered up with someone else that the teacher has chosen, and we have to do a repetition exercise. For about 10 days straight in acting we did not really get the concept of repetition at all ( or at least I didn’t ). This is basically how our practices went-

  • A: You’re wearing a blue sweater
  • B: I’m wearing a blue sweater
  • A: You’re wearing a blue sweater
  • B: I’m wearing a blue sweater

and it just goes on and on and on. However, as we ventured further into our exercises, if people did something like yawning or changing his/her tone of voice, we could make comments as such-

  • A: You’re wearing a blue sweater
  • B: I’m *yawns* wearing a blue sweater
  • A: You just yawned
  • B: I just yawned
  • A: You’re bored with me
  • B: I’m bored with me
  • A: You’re bored with me
  • B: I’m- No I’m not.
  • A: No you’re not

and so on and so forth…. We started to learn that we had to react to what the other person was doing. Acting is really doing under imaginary circumstances. We had to “really do”. We had to basically take everything personally, so that we could produce natural reactions. We went through a week of “Ah-ha!”s and breakthroughs before we were finally told what we were supposed to do.

One partner would be doing their activity, while the other partner was trying to have a repetition exercise with him/her. This was difficult because the other person was hell bent on doing their activity. In my case, I was drawing different fonts exactly how they were, and my partner was trying to talk to me. It was honestly terrible the first time we did it. But as we progressed, we learned more about a concept known as “Raising the stakes”. The next time we did it, we had to have something that was DRIVING us to complete the task/or to talk to our partner. Isabella (my partner) and I rehearsed, thought out a lot of details for our plan, and eventually, i think, succeeded. 

We had a whole backstory for our stakes. Isabella and I used to be friends when we were younger, but as we grew up and went onto high school and what not, we grew apart. Both of us kind of want to be friends, but are waiting for the other person to apologize. There’s an unspoken tension between the two of us. I am a very popular cheerleader and the school caught me doing something illegal. I am going to Isabella’s house to seek her help. Her mother is the principal of the school. I have to talk to her in repetition form while she is doing her activity. Isabella is sewing a stuffed animal that is of great sentimental value to her best friend because her dog ripped it apart. We are assessed on the moment before I come into the scene, whether I maintain repetition, whether I react naturally and actually DO, how I knock on the door, whether I am “living truthfully” under these neatly crafted circumstances, whether my story is believable (the audience doesn’t know our backstory), etc. It was very difficult because we had to maintain repeating after each other, have a pileup, and pay attention to each other’s behaviour while still reacting and saying what we felt like saying. 

We rehearsed a lot and put our butts into this AND turned in a good rehearsal log, so I was really happy when Isabella got the highest grade in the class (good for her!!!). I didn’t, but that’s okay, because I still have a lot to improve on (i still did pretty well). We got very involved in our 5 minute scene and both of us ended up crying during the scene. It was weird- it was so natural. Everybody had really interesting scenes, but acting is actually so much more than I had initially thought it was.

Right now we are learning about colouring our words and we have to construct different scenes and moments. I’m excited! 


The weather in Houston is so bipolar. One day it can as cold as a freezer and the next humid and sticky! But when it gets cold, IT GETS COLD. I need to buy more winter clothes and stuff.

Avenue Q

Oh. My. God. AVENUE Q WAS AMAZING. HSPVA honestly did SUCH a good job. Here’s the article, but I thought it was so great. My fave songs were ” Everyone’s a little bit racist” and “It sucks to be me”. The set was gorgeous. 



Don’t the brick walls look real! They’re all made of luan.

I’m so excited to be on crew for The Drowsy Chaperone! I’ll be making props and the set and everything in the wood shop. I’ve talked to my teachers and they have allowed me to make a documentary/mini-film thingy entitled ” the making of: The Drowsy Chaperone”. I have crew this 6 weeks so I’ll have time to drop by and film things going on. 

Busy busy me.

See ya




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