Missing a day of school

26/10/2013 § Leave a comment

I missed school on Wednesday (23rd) because my dear friend Isabella had asked me if I wanted to be in a commercial! So i said yes. We were only extras, no big deal, but I’m so glad my parents agreed that it was ok for me to go! We got to the location @ around 8:30 am, waited around, checked in, snapchatted, changed outfits, visited “Craft Services” – which I have learnt is the widely used term for food and beverage stand/are on any kind of set- and did some homework. It was a hot day and we were having a picnic! Here’s a small peek at the set! 



all i had to do was eat barbecued food and dance! The cameras were really cool and we got to see all kinds of cool tech and everything! so worth it. I thought to myself ” I wouldn’t mind doing this forever”. HAHAHAH . yeah! 

I’m so excited for halloween! Going to sew some stuff so I can be a genie 😀 




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