20/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Soooo! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. I have a new song up on soundcloud! So please check it out ☺️
School has been crazy but I’m getting used to it. Went to the galleria to shop and I went AWOL OMG I spent so much of my baby sitting money.


This is a pic of some really good sushi we ate! It has beef like ontop / inside but it was so good.

We also went to a Singaporean / Malaysian hawker fair and they had loads of good food! They were made by locals. I wanted to eat Mee Siam but the queue was so long.


I also had some durian shaved ice ✨✨✨ that was cool. It’s starting to get really nice and cold now , that makes me happy !!! It was 16 degrees out yesterday.

Also, I GOT A KITTY! It is so adorable

20131020-095301.jpg she’s tiny! But we have no idea what to name her. The last time we had a naming session we ended up with Vanilla Soufflé Hermione the 5th. Yeah.

I’m so excited for Halloween! Everyone goes all out here for Halloween it’s so cool.

20131020-095546.jpg like! Look at these decorations. Anyway! I’ll update soon. Adios friends


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