An Update

26/09/2013 § Leave a comment

Oh bother. Or is it brother?

Recently, I got the iPhone 5C! It’s green. I love my iPhone. I have converted to appleism. 

Bombed Bingham’s quiz, I know have a 78 in the class (that’s a C) but idk why I did so badly! We are going over the test tomorrow and I will try to argue some points. I am so determined to do well for the next chapter. I’m going to get a hundred! I MUST! UGH.

Biology is really fun, I got a 98 on my design for my theatre set- and we took a music theory test today! Terrible, but fun. I also auditioned for the drowsy chaperone. They taught us a dance combo and expected us to learn and perform it in 5 minutes (?????). I did ok for that, though I forgot a lot of things. i did OK for my singing I think- I got cut off early though :/ 

I didn’t make callbacks, but that’s ok, I’m only a freshman! 

Sigh. I feel like coming to the U.S. has made me realize how “asian” I am. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with me. It’s just the way this environment works. In Singapore, it was normal to eat with chopsticks and eat rice and like say things in Chinese but I feel like here, everything is so well-defined. People have terrible, TERRIBLE stereotypes. Ok, China is not the only place asians come from. 60% of the world is Asian! What ARE you talking about? Racism is so common. My theatre friends make lame jokes about me and making sushi but that doesn’t really affect me cause they’re just joking (I think). I also think a lot of asian people play a long with these stereotypes and let themselves be DEFINED by them. I’ve yet to meet a dumb asian! No one EVER thinks I’m in theatre because I’m Chinese! When I tell them, they’re always saying ” whoa! I thought you were an instrumentalist or creative writer.” HAH. yeah well my voice is my instrument and sometimes I write on wordpress but yeah, I am in theatre. 

Oh theatre. I am SO BAD at tap dancing I just want to throw my tap shoes into the river (so they can riverdance lmao). It’s late, I’m gone, goodbye.


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