Does anyone actually read this

20/09/2013 § 2 Comments

If you do, thank you, I love you, and please continue being the wonderful person you are. (◡‿◡✿)

So it’s been about a week since I’ve gotten my braces! They were super painful for one day- I literally could not eat anything but porridge and mashed potatoes. However, I’m ignoring my dental assistant friend and eating cheetos and crunchy things. 

School hasn’t been very good the past few weeks. I’ve been getting pretty moderate grades (B’s) up till this week. I think I now know how to juggle things. I have to completely change my mentality towards school and schoolwork. Work work work. 

I think that the difference between how the teachers teach here and how some teach in SG is the fact that we go very very slowly compared to the accelerated path that I am used to (if you can keep up with it, great for you- I envy you). I like this “slowness” because we through everything very very thoroughly and I can understand a lot of things. 

I may not be on the Geometry express at full speed or have math skills up to par with the rest of my Singaporean friends but I’m glad that I am taking things slowly. 

Spanish is very fun (I have a 99 in that class). Weakest subject right now is Geography- I have an 84 (that’s a B). Geography is so difficult, and I actually really hate it. We have to read “Why Geography Matters- More Than Ever” by Harm De Blij and it is so boring I’d rather watch paint dry. It is difficult to analyze. I have a test on one of the chapters tomorrow. It talks about how knowledge, esp spatial knowledge, is power, and how illiterate we are when it comes to geography. 

Best things that happened this week: My Theatre group won the drawing challenge (yay)!My biology group won the Biology debate (YAY)! My biology group was the Golgi Apparatus! We argued that we were the most important because we processed and packaged protein and lipid, and protein is important because it holds DNA together and lipid is important because a lot of things that work in the cell are made of lipid.

For Design Theory in theatre, we had to listen to a piece of music and construct a set for a ballet company in a black-painted shoe box. The music is from Alice in Wonderland and is super creepy. It’s a lot of fun though!

Acting and movement classes are sooo boring. (We did the pestilential prison with a lifelong lock exercise+ a lot of other weird things). Musical Theatre and Design are the best! I am so bad at tap dancing ): I really miss doing hiphop.



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