Freaking out

13/09/2013 § Leave a comment


I have some weird overcrowding going on with my molars (what up with that). School was so fun this week I felt like my level 1 theatre mates and I really bonded! Everyone is so funny seriously.

and OMG it’s TERRIBLE when teachers leave us alone because everyone wants to be the boss/leader and thinks get so out of hand!

In musical theatre, we’re singing “bring him home” from les mis and I am sooo bad at musical theory ): + I have tap and jazz routines to practice (not cool).

Today I had a test on dance?? but on paper, and they asked me what “degage” was and i’m pretty sure I got it right (i said disengage)

but yeah I’m so stressed out!!! There is seriously so much work to do! Been practicing songs for my Drowsy audition! + I just got my sides yesterday. ( uhm, my musical theatre teacher used to go running with sutton foster?? idk who she is but apparently shes really good).

Everyone at PVA is so talented, like I can actually see so many of them making it big. I think the teachers do a really great job. They’re making sure everyone gets paved a good path! 

WISH ME LUCK ): i have to “BRACE” myself (agagaggaadfhahahahaha) 


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