2nd Week of school!

08/09/2013 § Leave a comment

I am so excited and overwhelmed and TIRED and PUMPED. Ok so for people who wanna know what HSPVA is about :

In the Theatre department, we have to sing, dance, act and design. For musical theatre, we have to learn music theory and sing harmonies and things like that. We also have to do tap and jazz + ballet ! Before we dance ( at least once a week) we warm up by running laps around the school in our leotards and tights! Very exhausting but super duper fun. In design theory, we get to customize sets and costumes and get super creative! We have to record our practices, write analyses on plays or theatre concepts and we also work a lot on movement – this is ONLY THEATRE!
English is the most relaxed, I feel. We mostly read and discuss things, which I absolutely love. I’m taking Spanish now! It’s very …. new? It’s still interesting. In biology, we get a mini quiz nearly every week. Math is OK, but we have a LOT of homework! My parents have signed my bro and I up for Chinese tuition in the community centre! My teacher there is kind of crazy hahaha but it’s okay. 


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