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So I was at McDonalds this morning and almost forgot that they don’t serve milo in the U.S. ( I wanted to cry – milo is so great )

I realized that living in Singapore has always been a thing I’ve taken for granted! We get the best of both worlds (the U.S. & the U.K.) ! We get shops (f21,cotton on,h&m), candy bars ( I miss mars bars) , MILO, fast food chains, etc and a lot of other things. 

I cannot express how GLAD I am that I am bilingual! It is such a “wow” factor here in Houston! When I say I’m fluent in both English and Chinese people are always impressed (so stick to your Chinese peeps) and I’m actually really grateful for my education!

Maybe because I guess I’ve always had “liberal” (so-to-speak) parents who always encouraged me to pursue anything I was interested in and told me to question EVERYTHING ( I think they’re realizing it was a mistake now). 

I remember since I was 6/7 that whenever we were driving somewhere my dad would always ask me about the latest book/movie I’ve read/seen and made me summarize it for him. I always thought ” UGHHH ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY” but now I am so glad that he did that ! I think it helped me a lot in ARC. 

Wow, if you’re actually reading this much, I like you a lot, thank you for reading this. I feel so out of touch with everything right now. 

Anyway, I am making a purchase of tan character tap shoes for my in-school tap classes. “Avenue Q” is being done by my school (they’re renting puppets from NY!) and ” The Drowsy Chaperone” is the all school musical. It is compulsory for me to audition (not that I mind). 



( omg, i’m the only chinese girl in theatre!!! there is a chinese girl but shes adopted so ya ) 


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