Great 8!

25/08/2013 § Leave a comment

WOWOWOW where do I begin? This is so slow but I feel the need to blog about it!

So I arrived at my school, checked in and ahhh I was so nervous cause you know, it was my first dance! I wanted it to be amazing! So we went into the cafeteria, and the whole place was decked out! It was taped head to toe in black, with a huge disco ball and a DJ and everything with lights and it was so awesome. We danced and partied and it was really fun (: There was a station outside with drinks and some tit-bits! Some awkward waist-hand dancing ensued with some guys but it was OK- all part of the experience right? hahahaha.


Anyway my mom got me these GORGEOUS earrings, they were SO LONG (at least 5 cm) and shimmery and silver! My dress is from A|X and shoes from Nine West (i think).

ImageLeft to right : Amy, Alex, Me, Justus, Maya

I was dancing and partying like crazy tho (4 hours straight)- we had a great DJ.

Afterward we went to hang out at 59 diner, a cute diner (hahaaa), and in the end about 100 kids from my school ended up there (??wow). This girl who I didn’t even know got her dad to pay for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Which was cray and really really nice.



Overall, not gonna lie but I felt amazing cause of my makeup and dress and I felt super confident and happy like I could run for president or something, you know?! like the rush. AHAHAHA. had a great time (:

( the yellow ring thing around my neck was a glowstick- we had to wear them on the dancefloor cause it was so dark)

p.s. I have also deduced that I will probably become a crazy party girl


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