First day of school TOMORROW!

25/08/2013 § Leave a comment

I’m so nervous! :O But also excited! I wanna keep it real by speaking in my “normal accent”.

Oh yeah! I never really thought I had an accent! I had a British teacher in P4 ( I got 96/100 in English that year THANK U MS RABOT) and she was sooo super good at English, and I guess I never really spoke Singlish until I attented primary school! My mom said I used to speak perfect English until I went to CHIJ hahahahaha which is so ironic because IJ girls are supposed to be well-spoken and well-behaved (they are tho).

Ya I dont know :/ I only speak in an American accent sometimes so people can understand me. People think I’m British? And I don’t think how many times I’ve explained that Singapore is NOT IN CHINA and was a British colony. I remember I said “dustbin”, “trolley”, “canteen” and “air conditioning” and people got SO CONFUSED. They were like, did you really just say __________ ??

(Personally I think I’m just preparing them for all of the interesting cultures they will be exposed to in college hahaha)

Okay! So I have a senior buddy in my school (she’s also in theatre). She seems really nice, she wrote me a letter.

I have a bottom locker. WHYYYYY DOES MY LIFE HAVE TO SUCK SO MUCH. Seriously. Why do bottom lockers exist, really, what is their purpose. Nobody likes bottom lockers.

My class schedule:


Advocacy is really just another period of Theatre.

I also found out that the co-founder of WordPress went to my school! Cool.

My geography teacher is taking a few students to Italy next year ( I WANNA GO TO POMPEII ) so I have to see how things go. If they go to China then I’ll wanna go too hahaha.

OMG I’M SERIOUSLY SO NERVOUS! I want to join the school newspaper / student committee and become student body president during my senior year (it’s impressive!!).


These are my jazz shoes! They feel so comfy! I’m actually really looking forward to tap/jazz even thought I am honestly so bad at the both of them.

Also- what the frickle frackle? Why are things for dancers so expensive

I bought about 10 notebooks because I want to take exceptional notes and do very VERY well!

Well I hope it will be fun.


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