Feeling Grooovy

19/08/2013 § Leave a comment

Partially because of this song.

Did a tinychat today! 

This morning we went to have some dimsum and this place called Fung’s Kitchen. It’s supposed to be the best in Houston. I agree! It’s the only legit dimsum I’ve had! The Chee Cheong Fan tasted sooooo good.

We went to Walmart (eep) and I got a Sally Hansen nail pen- been wanting to get one in a LONG while. I’m super into glee now. I watched 20 episodes in 4 days. My favourite character is RYDER cause he’s so cute! And the Unique person is kind of confusing me I have yet to understand what his/her deal is.

YEA I just watched this video and it made me laugh so hard! One of the reasons is cause I haven’t heard Singaporean accents in a long time – but it was also a really funny video! Also the vid only had like 2 cute ACS boys ???? what are u doing ACS you’re supposed to be home to the cutest guys in Singapore!!

IDK MAN I think I can only date Asians/Singaporeans in particular!!! Interesting. 

I’m also SUPER obsessed with cute little pixels like such.

Anyway, boo work tomorrow! + I have to read “Why Geography Matters” by the time school starts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a great book- but it’s about as interesting as watching candle wax melt.

Also, my grandmother got a facebook. 




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