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15/08/2013 § Leave a comment

This is really cool. It’s just a series of photos but still worth checking out!

Also I changed my tumblr theme, which I am very happy about. It took work! Also my job is pretty fun- but recently I’ve been getting terrible stomach aches! IDK why ): I think I eat too fast.

Orientation for HSPVA was today. TBH it was so boring and the only fun parts were getting my locker and meeting up with my friends. Excited for musical theatre though- it sounds awesome. Apparently last year the lady who played Brad Pitt’s on-screen wife in World War Z came to PVA to give a talk about breaking into the business etc (she’s an alumn).

I’m spending so much time in Rice and getting to know it better, which is nice! It’s so hot though.

I signed up for French, but my schedule could not accommodate it because I’m taking too many Pre-AP ( Advanced Placement ) classes ): So i’m taking spanish now! Maybe it was fate. I’m taking Pre-Ap English, Geometry, World Geography & Biology. Math teacher didn’t smile at me.



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