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1) my catching fire edit got over 100 notes, so i’m happz about that ( it’s a diff one)

2) im going shopping tomorrow! yay

but im kinda “eh” ish towards it.

3) i really RELALY cant stop watching modern family my fave character is luke/gloria and i HATE CAM omygod he is so annoying he is the EPITOME of annoying

yeah, i went to the optometrist today and my right eye has a -1.25 degree of astigmatism! i was right. my degree thing had risen! my left eye is alrdy -1.25 so now it just caught up. whcih is good and bad…. anyway, really love my contacts. 

5) i LOVE the carrie diaries it’s almost ridiculous how easily i get hauled into a TV show. waiting for season 2 !!!!!!

6) so late but i just bought the electra heart album and my fave songs on there are “valley of the dolls” and ” teen idle ” . whatever. her whole album sounds like magic and good beef stew.

7) im kind of excited for school to start! my mind is completely VOID of math. so that’s bad. but i have to buy so many things!!! leotards, tap shoes ??? and what not. i didnt know i would have so many jazz/tap/broadway lessons. it’s all so exciting.

-we out


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