What does it mean!

29/06/2013 § Leave a comment

Sometimes I have really strange thinking moments where I question everything, EVERYTHING. Why I am even alive! What I can do to help people, the earth, society, anything- and it’s strange, because I have no idea what I’m going to do in the future and who I’m going to be and what’s going to change, and then I start thinking about weird things. Like where is all that plastic we throw away and don’t recycle going? I heard it takes a long time to degrade in soil. Also, what happens when everyone in the world starts getting better education and becomes smarter and then less people start working in fast food joints and amusement parks and we all become money minded humans and we don’t eat fast food or go have fun! Why do people work in amusement parks? Checking seat belts seems like an awfully boring thing to do. Why are books so weird! Books are just a combination of 26 different letters and yet sometimes they can leave us so …. weird. UGHuhg. I don’t know. I’m always pondering.


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