Exit 27

21/06/2013 § Leave a comment


1) It was on a completely new and unknown topic

2) Acting and whole production was A+ 

The play revolves around 4 boys who have all been abandoned by their Mormon society. These Mormons, known as the FLDS ( Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints ; not to be confused with the The Church of Jesus Latter Day Saints ), for different trivial reasons. One was caught kissing a girl, another watching a movie, the third for saying that he didn’t want 3 wives, and the last boy actually ran away. In their society, in order for a man to go to heaven, he must have 3 wives. The leader of the group, other wise known as “prophet” or “uncle” has over 50 wives. His name is Warren Jeffs and he is in prison at this current time. This place where over 10,000 of the prophet worshippers live is called Colorado City. It is located in the desert of Utah. The only thing they teach in schools are that boys are to grow up to have wives and do labour, and that girls are to grow up and be wives. The more wives and children you had, the more powerful you were. In recent years, the extreme polygamist society has outlawed over 1,400 boys in order to keep a balanced society ( more women, more wives, duh). They equip the boys with no proper education or training of any sort ( ok, maybe praying ), and leave them to die in the desert for doing “terrible things” at 13/14 years old. When I first found out about this I was extremely upset. I mean, how could people do this? The leader of the “cult” buys his supplies from the “outside world” and rules that “outsiders” are terribly mean people (ok he’s got that right but not all of us are terrible) . The boys are taught that they can make a girl pregnant just by LOOKING at her. (………….) The play was based on true events, which is terrible yet intriguing. i was extremely captivated and interested the whole time, very well done!

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m glad I watched a play about the FLDS and learned more about ” America’s Best Kept Secret ” . It’s sad that the abandoned boys don’t get a lot of help because they’re considered a hate group ( bc of their racist beliefs ) and I felt that a lot was said, even if no one was saying anything. I’m sorry if this was not a very complete or understandable post but hey, I’m just trying to open myself up to things i learn everyday – cannibalism is still going on in some parts of Papa New Guinea. 


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